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Bila org nak suicide, perasaan tu lebih kuat. You cannot control that time.

Suicidal ideation coz mental illness related MDD, comobid suicidal behaviour. 
We dont see it until explode further.

How to differentiate suicide with other?
Suicidal according to WHO :
Intentional self inflicted death.
Want to numb the feeling.

Not because want to die but want to end the pain.
The end goal is to stop the pain.
The thought are so strong. And don’t know how to control it. 

When you are saved by someone,
At first feeling anger,
But after that will thank that person.

If you are point of life doesn’t matter anymore,
need to reach for help.

  1. suicide always happen by sign.
    1. Sometime show sign but we don’t see it. they are able to mask the pain.
    2. in front of us, they are laughing. 
    3. depression or someone suffer with emotional pain sometimes very good in masking moreover to the one that they are not close to.
    4. They might show the sign: “you are really my friend, I love you”
    5. may sound like normal conversation tapi mean a lot to them.
  2. based on research in western country (US), most individual will leave a mark ie suicide letter. it just sometime they don’t give it to others.
  3. Person who talk about suicide often attempt it and may even be successful.
    1. at least to look up for what you can so can give support.
    2. biasanya orang bagitahu, dia memang nak bunuh diri. 
    3. bagi yang seek for help, they really want help. so mental health provider need to give hope to them.
  4. most suicidal persons want to kill the PAIN, but they are undecided and uncertain about living and dying. 
    1. suicide is the end result when the patients do not know what to do.
    2. the coping resources so low.
    3. sources of pain different set of manifestation. need to understand individually deeply.
  5. We need to talk about it. bring up the issue of suicide is very helpful
    1. bila talk about it, kita bagi dia rasa dia bukan keseorangan.
    2. dia rasa okay that thought cross my mind, im not crazy, im not a bad muslim.
    3. give ability them to make decision on their wellbeing.
    4. to reduce the distress.
    5. normalising doesn’t mean we agree with that.
  6. it takes all of us to save live. a trained suicide gatekeeper can take action to save a life.
    1. need to know with out own capacity.
    2. can be a resource personnel. ie give contact number the one who can help them
    3. it effect not only individual but also community at large.
  7. statistics
    1. suicide affect largely on young adult. late adolescence are most affected by suicide. because they are searching to identity. “identity vs role confusion”. try to merge all expectation are coming in. prime age
    2. OCD can be triggered during this time also.
  8. it is preventable. we can still work with individual with person with suicidal ideation.
  9. some individual severe and some mild (feeling to suicide)
  10. need to work with medical doctor sometimes to get meds so stable biologically. or social worker to be able to function with community so that can function on society.
  11. 13-17 (7.9%) Malaysian adolescence ada suicidal ideation and this though can happen out of sudden. “what if the car hit me”. can also occur everyday but able to manage.
  12. age range of suicide getting lower and lower. before in primary school then now standard 3, standard 2.
  13. factors mark most at risk of death
    1. the feeling of being a burden on loved one
    2. the sense of isolation
      1. they don’t go out from room anymore.
      2. don’t feel like going out. as friend, we need to reach out for them.
    3. the learned ability to hurt oneself
      1. nobody like pain. 
      2. learned behaviour. pain tolerance. dah tak rasa painful.
  14. (Joiner, 2005) interview yang attempt tapi fail. dan yang dah meninggal dia buat post mortem.
    1. ada desire to death and capability for lethal self-injury.
  15. build up by the feeling of the believed of being burden, not belong to something.
  16. kalau ada akses untuk self harm, ada history of self injury will be higher trigger factor.
  17. suicide often start with ideation. when develop the ideation then manifest suicide attempt then ada yang akan successfully.
  18. do people commit suicide?
    1. dalam sesetengah tempat, suicide bukanlah criminal.
  19. History of suicide as a very big factor
  20. Risk factors for Youth Suicide
  21. Challenging case is the one who diagnosed with GAD, and used to attempt suicide 5 times. 
    1. It can happen to anyone even with people with GAD
  22. sometimes suicide can be mimic. because not really understand why. sometimes it is learned behaviour.
  23. break up of relationship cannot be denied that they want to suicide. 
    1. want to feel accepted, want to be part of someone.
  24. in order to cope with suicide is identify risk factors.
  25. CARE program is not intended to be a form of counselling or treatment.
    1. it is intended to offer hope through positive reaction.
      1. eg: tanya how motivated they are to commit suicide. contohnya tanya dia tahu tak mana nak beli rope kalau nak gantung diri.
      2. tengok dia ada past history suicide attempt.
      3. apa support yang dia ada.
  26. Sign and clues
    1. sometime in verbal
      1. “what happen when I am not here?”
      2. “I wish I would disappear anymore”
      3. “I hate my life”
      4. “I just cant take it anymore”
  27. Q&A
    1. legal attempt suicide in Malaysia.
      1. In Malaysia is a crime if we not success. if success its okay. ada penalty.
      2. we no longer, at least be a resource personal.
        1. eg: bagi no siapa yang boleh tolong dia.
        2. at some point, do whatever with can do with our level.
        3. to take care of other people need to take care with other as well.
      3. who are we to judge its minimal or severe.
      4. suicide act is used as way to cry for help. they don’t intend to suicide but they just want someone know they are crying for help.
      5. gender different?
        1. coping: female more likely to express their suicidal 
      6. media create of problem.
        1. people use it with responsibly.
        2. more prone to when they watch it, they want to try out
        3. media sensationalise and romantic the suicide.
        4. if want to potrey about suicide, perlu ada guideline. 
Sorry broken English
Sambil type sambil dengar.

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