Friday, September 4, 2009

my dear

dear my dear,
why why why?
i try to understand u.
but i dont knoe how..
when thinking about u, i felt something..
it really paintful.
please love me as i love u..
i beg u..
please, please, please..
i spend more time to you compared to others..
but until now i cant understand u..
i try to leave u.
but i cant..
we were fated to each other.
i know u r fun n funNY..
i still hope for u..
no word give up in my dictionary..

i love you my dear physics

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  1. fizik so much!!!ngeee~

  2. aq pown syg gler kt physics..siyes..;p

  3. amyny aye jgn nk jadi madu aku..huk3

  4. Salam..
    sy x knl sgt pun awk..
    tp sy knl kwn awk...
    kte pon da jd kwn kat fster...
    kat fb pun sy da add awk...
    follow blog sy yew...^^


thanks =)