Wednesday, April 15, 2009


tagged by member2..
maaf tak sebut nama.takot ade yg terlepas pandang..

1. 3 Names in your inbox cellphone?

- ecah

2. Your main ringtone?


-upin n ipin

3. What u did at 12 last night?
-dreming 0,0

4 . Who was the last person u went out with? Where?
-abah g daily fresh

5. The colour of t'shirt you're wearing? Now?

6. The last thing u did?

7. 3 Of your everyday favourite items?
-wafer ( lalala)

8. The colour of your bedroom?

9. How much money in your wallet now?
-beberapa sen

10 . How's life?

11. Your favorite song?
- layan

12. What will you do next weekend?
- gathering wif ma ex classmate ( yahoooooo!! ) tak sabar nya..miss them soooo much..

13. When was the last time u saw ur mom?
-just now

14. Where is she now?
- bedroom

15. When was the last time u talk to ur parents?
-just a moment

16. Who is the last person that texted u?
- gafar
- nadrah

17.Where did u have ur dinner last night?
- umah

18. The last supprise u got?
x suprise lgsg~.lala

19. Last thing u borrowed from ur friends?
- novel kot

21. Who is ur BF/GF or husband/wife?
- ex bf or future husban?

22. What do you feel now?
- noo feeling.quiet sleepy

23. Wanna share with who?
- no one

24. Who know ur secrets?
- nama pun secret

25 . They keep ur secret?

27. Are you angry with someone?
-ade kot.

28. What do you order at McD?

29. The last time you felt so sad?
- spm result release

30. What is ur wish for tomorrow?
iman tak goyang dengan 'dugaan'

31. Who will you tag next?
- u

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