Friday, February 6, 2009

work + driving class..

all about yesterday..
b4 starts work i went to sekolah memandu jaya Tuah..
do some appoiment about mt class..
then starts work..
really happy work there..
after it was over i rushed to driving school..
tercungap2 sampe sana..
i drive the car from that school to Kluang Safety Driving centre..
work + class..i donno what the meaning of tired..
really enjoy it..
now preparing to keje..
first time OT..
from 10am to 10 pm..
wish me luck k!

till then, papai..

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1 comment:

  1. chaiyok areefah!
    kite same!
    aku baru strt nk blaja kete dis week
    blaja kete pagi
    then ptg keje
    cam penat ouhh
    xpe enjoy


thanks =)