Thursday, December 4, 2008

SPM already past!~


im so bored right now..dont know what to do..
thinking to work but lazy to find the work.hoping it will come itself from the sky..lalala..

here is some story about the previous more SPM... shout for it!!~..

share it and throw it away..far far away..

bM : arghh! tensen seyh...tukar format...aku gegila tak tau cara nak jawab..memang hancus laa..gile gigil aku jawab...

Bi : seriously easy but i think i cant score because it is easy.. too many idea until cant finished it! hampehh~

Math : Alhamdulillah quiet easy.. hope score 1A for it..

add math : arghhh!! killer subject... too hard.. difficult than mara trial difficult than everythung...never see such hard question.. graph tan???huhhhh!!

sejarah : dont know wha to cmnt...quiet dificult.. so many KBKK question.. just like BM question... the essay about pendapat jer..

PAI : not hafal the surah!! arghh too stupid mistake..

tassawur : hurm.. ok, n want opinion too..

chemistry : better than tril that i fail!!

biology : arghh! most difficult science paper.. reallly dont kow about the last question paper 2!!! paper 2 kiler~.. n paper 3 never rememba the experiment.. make my own experiment..

physics : last but not least.. quiet hard la...i cant answer most calculating question.. first n last time i out for toilet during my big exam.. just want to find the experience...ekeke..n i got idea to do the experiment after back from toilet..huhu..

til then, daa~

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