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this is my first own malay novel..huhu..but so far not finishing it yet..dont know when i will done usual, all novel i cant finished it..but maybe this book i will finish it coz it is no need to return back to others..i take a very long period to finish a book..huhu..this book really interesting ( until i read it la ).. and really hope i will finished it as soon as possible..n cait wait to but siri 2..huhu..some synopsis about this novel :

Ketika Cinta Bertasbih
Synopsis of Ketika Cinta Bertasbih
Basically related Ketika Cinta Bertasbih (KCB) was the same as the novel of Ayat ayat Cinta, but that distinguished in this KCB novel of too many characters that were put forward so as to make the reader be made seldom must try considering harder the plot in chapters beforehand.
Although many characters, but in each novel must have the character that was dominant to be put forward as the main actor and in KCB the actor especially was a student ndeso from Indonesia named Khairul Azzam (Azzam) that got the scholarship to study in the earth of the prophets (Egypt).
Azzam fate in KCB was not as lucky as Fahri in Ayat ayat Cinta that still was having parents who still were complete.
Azzam became a child yatim because his father died as a result of the accident and the incident happened at the time of Azzam was successful resolved the first semester went to class him in Egypt with results that Very Baik and his achievement showed the sincerity of his intention in studied so as made amazed his late father.
But the wish to could study as high as possible in this Egypt must be hidden because after his father died, the burden of his life improved apart from going to class he must also become the backbone for his family in Indonesia replaced his father was beloved.
His activity as entrepreneur this that caused his lecture also to be not finished after 9 length years till finally one day his brother in Indonesia sent a letter that told how that this Azzam sacrifice was not in vain because alhamdulilah brothers him passed went to class and got the appropriate work.
This news was at once welcomed by Azzam with the expression of gratitude and that remained was his obligation to be able to complete his lecture straightaway completed 1 actual subject deliberate he left so that he could extend visas remained at him in Egypt.
Alhamdulilah with efforts and help of 4JJI SWT, Azzam could complete his subject with good results so as he had the right to get the degree S1 and immediately could come home to Indonesia to meet Ms and brothers him that hid the longing 9 length years.
As being proper for the Nurul love story against Fahri in Ayat2 Cinta, in KCB also was gotten by one story that made the heart of drizzle that is the love story a person akhwat that was named the Tiara (the Indonesian student from Aceh) against Fadhil (the Indonesian Student from Aceh) that finally could not have been united because 4JJI had the other plan where the Tiara had finally accepted the application a person Ustadz was named Zulkifli that also was the intimate friend from Fadhil.
The decision of the Tiara to accept this application was caused by the man who really was dreamt out to become his husband (Fadhil) did not give signs loved himself.
Apart from the story and Fadhil of the Tiara, there was one story in KCB that was very bitter.
This story struck the intimate friend Azzam that was named Furqan.
He was an almost perfect man and possibly the type that really in craving-craving by akhwat to be made the husband, how not Furqan apart from being predestined to be born from the businessman’s Indonesian family that was very rich, he also had paras handsome and that most important was Furqan had good theology and succeeded in completing the lecture S2 him in Egypt.
Reasons so that made him felt really was convinced was able easily to get a prospective colleague of his life in the future and the choice had finally fallen for a person akhwat pretty and clever that was the child from a religious teacher from Klaten named Anna Althafunnisa (this one of the reasons that made the Azzam application be refused by his uncle of Anna) and evidently his estimate was proven finally Anna received pinangan him after with the process of consideration that for quite a long time.
But future perfection that was carved by Furqan suddenly must run aground only in one night resulting from the incident that had not been realised by him.
He became the target operandi a spy mosad Israel had the initials Miss Italiana that had the damaging mission the Islam generation that had a quality by means of trapping and spreading the virus that really was feared by all group in the world because of not yet having medicine Download Full Release Ketika Cinta Bertasbih is available.
that could cure the illness that was resulted in by this virus namely the illness of AIDS. Like sky that suddenly collapsed, so the Furqan feeling when the Hospital said that he positive terjangkit the AIDS HIV virus, instantly also he felt his life and all the success that were successful he gained uptil now already did not have the meaning.. hiks.. hiks…
This incident was the exam and the warning from 4JJI for Furqan that uptil now believed that the fate had his laws of nature that followed the cause and effect rule.
In fact humankind could not actually determine his fate, the authority that was given by the Lord for humankind only endeavoured and tried because of fate fully.

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