Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No more MRSM MUAR in my eye, but always in my heart..

assalamualaikum n salam sejahtera..

hurm... sedihnyer...
no more mrsm muar..dunt believe with myself.i've done it! yaeh!!..
but, so sad to say goodbye to MRSM MUAR..really miss there..
friend, teacher, warden, hostel, class..
arghh!~cant think more bout that after this..
until when i'll fell like this??dunnoe la..

i just arrive home this morning..
my last paper was yesterday..
even da kne halau, tapi aku tetap nak stay there gak..kalo leh maw stay lelame lagi..
even aku stay secara haram no longer MRSM Muar Student..

my phone was ringing about 7am this morning wake me up from sleep..memula, i dont want to sleep at the nite..but so sleepy because i clean up my things n wash all my cloth my my HAND! haha..abah call n say he already arrive in front of my hostel.. oh my God, i never prepare yet..lincah, i packed my things n force my heart to accept all this.. hurm...i'm home now..out from the car, first thing i done is on9 ler..

a lot of thing i want to share with u, but im so blank now..tired n hmm...
i'll share my memory in mrsm muar..just wait n c..

sorry for the broken manglish!..

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1 comment:

  1. was here!
    oh, bru habeh paper ea?
    good luck!
    sye mrsm jg dlu..hikhik


thanks =)