Thursday, October 2, 2008

Syawal 1429.`

assalamualaikum n salam sejahtera..
today 2nd day syawal's mean i already go through my raye for last day ( 1 Syawal). n Alhamdulillah i already finished my fasting during Ramadan..n waiting for pose nam.for the second tyme i didnt back to my kampung in kelantan n kedah. we just having our eid celebration in Kluang Johor. so boring n i never fell that such bored raya. n with book, of couse for SPM..hadeh~.
the others was back to their own hometown. I, as a perantau just lonely with small famly, n without my elder sister together. she already happy, maybe celebrate her raya in oversease. n maybe me too for next year. Insya-Allah.. wearing purple colour new baju kurung, n having laksa, ketupat pulut, cake , biscute raye, preparing by mama.. without no relative in Johor, i just visit my neigbour's house. the only one who every year celebrate their raya here. n congrate to kak Kimi coz got new baby in fasting month. so cute baby..
n the only my fren who came to my house, Shahzreen.. long tyme not c him.. my first customer for this day. the others?? where r they? i'll wait for u all before i back to my hostel next week..
back to hostel??????oh no! that's means i only have about a month for SPM examination.. but never have reformation..huhu..Arghh!! tensen when think bout that. better i stop now n take my chemistry book..haha.. or maybe sleep after stay up for this night until now already subuh..that's all for this tyme..c u next tyme~
b4 i forget, sorry 4 the broken n so bad english..practice make perfect! =p

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